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PhD research projects

  • Are people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who lack the capacity to consent at risk of being excluded from research? – Nicole Palmer
  • Mother’s views of the communication skills of Maltese children who use AAC – Marica Gatt
  • Study of the development of the recognition of duration in infants with autism – Barbara Dewar
  • The statutory social work response to women with learning disabilities who have experienced domestic violence – Megan Robb
  • Sexuality and relationships education for people with autistic spectrum disorders or Asperger’s syndrome – Mark Brown Research Poster
  • A research project into the operation of Section 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983 – Dr Allyn Thomas Research poster
  • Adolescents with intellectual disabilities who display harmful sexual behaviours: the adaptation of measures – Aida Malovic
  • Research into individuals diagnosed with Autism spectrum conditions who display harmful sexual behaviour – Clare Melvin
  • Treatment and integrity of behaviour interventions implemented by frontline staff in residential services for adults with intellectual disabilities – Lucy Brady
  • Assessment and treatment of adult male firesetting who have a diagnosed intellectual or developmental disability – Josephine Collins
  • Meaning and value of citizenship and how this can be applied to improving the lives of young people with IDD – Steve Easter
  • The female presentation of Autism spectrum conditions – Lizzie Gale
  • The impact of austerity and the Care Act 2014 on the experiences and understandings of people with IDD – Rachel Harrison
  • Methods of assessing the progress of pupils within autism in specialist education settings – Melanie Howell
  • Using an improv comedy intervention for social and communicative behaviours with autistic adults – Nathan Keates
  • Use of communication with people with learning disabilities and/or autism in the criminal justice system – Joanne Morrison
  • Screening for intellectual developmental disability and autism spectrum disorder in adolescents in Nigeria – Eziafakaku Nwokolo
  • Precision teaching to students with intellectual and developmental disabilities primarily across academic skills such as maths and literacy – Thanos Vostanis
  • Exploring attitudes towards autism across various faith groups – Krysia Waldock