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Centre for Technology, Innovation, Management and Enterprise

Interim Director of TIME | Dr May Seitanidi

The Technology, Innovation, Management and Enterprise centre (TIME) provides its researchers and associated members a platform to explore new multidisciplinary and innovative approaches to topics related to the wider area of digital innovation.

TIME is a new multidisciplinary research centre which develops and disseminates knowledge on a wide array of topics surrounding the areas of digital innovation and industry 4.0. TIME’s research addresses key managerial challenges and practices, and it is aimed at generating a corpus of knowledge which can help both academics and practitioners tackle the organisational, social, environmental, and economic challenges emerging from the rapid development and use of new digital technologies and innovation. It is further divided in the following interconnected themes: ‘digital innovation and analytics’, ‘productivity and regional growth (including Low- and Middle- Income Countries -LMICs)’, ‘entrepreneurship and SME development and growth’, and ‘digital innovation and well-being’. The centre also engages in enterprise activities with small or large organisations, seeking to solve practical problems and improving organisations and people’s lives.

The aims of the centre are:

  • To develop and disseminate research expertise and knowledge in the wider area of digital innovation.
  • To provide sound advice on policy and practical issues related to digital innovation to business and practitioners as well as to policy makers.
  • To foster an environment of interdisciplinary collaboration to attract international partners, drive large funding applications and be seen as a leader in issues surrounding digital innovation and technology adoption.

Beneficial Research

TIME operates in proactive and systematic way, by engaging with internal and external stakeholders to impact on business and society.

The centre is structured around research-based themes. This bottom-up approach enables the centre’s researchers to combine their skills and expertise to address research questions and challenges which are current relevant and have impact. The centre looks into:

Digital Innovation & Analytics

  • Marian Garcia, Guihan Ko, Ioannis Krasonikolakis, Lina Simeonova, Ramin Raesi.

Productivity and regional growth (including Low- and Middle- Income Countries -LMICs)

  • Teidor Lyngdoh, Kate Robinson, George Saridakis, Omar Al-Tabaa, Krystin Zigan

Entrepreneurship and SME development and growth

  • Maria Balta, Kate Robinson, Joseph Amankwah-Amoah, Gloria Appiah, George Saridakis

Digital innovation and well-being

  • Maria Balta, Manjusha Hirekhan, Antonina Semkina

Enterprise and project management

  • Amgad Badewi, Fahimeh Allahi