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Kent Business School Department of Leadership and Management

Head of Department | Professor Chidi Ogbonnaya

The Department of Leadership and Management is a cross-disciplinary community dedicated to tackling complex business and societal challenges. Our teaching and innovative research encompasses the economic, psychological, social, political, and technological contexts in which organisations operate worldwide.

At the Department of Leadership and Management, we develop and disseminate evidence-based insights into today’s most pressing business and management issues. Our members are recognised globally for conducting cutting-edge research that informs and challenges conventional thinking, and ensures the best learning experience for students. We are a vibrant and collegial academic community, committed to building effective organisations and creating real societal value through leadership in teaching, research and innovation.

We offer a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degree programmes that embrace methodological rigour, conceptual depth, and managerial applicability. Our programmes are accredited by international professional bodies and delivered face-to-face, online, or through alternative routes such as short-term internship opportunities.

The breadth of our talented students from diverse business, non-business, and professional backgrounds ensures world-class education in a lively academic environment at Kent Business School. We are proud to provide unique opportunities for students to engage in technology-enhanced teaching, network with industry experts, and advance their careers.

Our research builds on Kent Business School’s fundamental values of sustainable innovation and responsible management practice. Members of the department conduct world-class research on leadership and people management, sustainable business practices, individual and group decision-making processes, business strategy, diversity and inclusion within organisations, digitalisation, employee health and well-being, organisational change management and the future of work. We explore these issues in the private, public, and non-profit sectors using a variety of methodologies, including large-scale field studies, quantitative surveys, diary studies, qualitative interviews, ethnography, philosophy-based research, laboratory-based experiments, and mixed-methods research. The department takes pride in its outstanding researchers and academics, whose work is widely regarded as some of the most innovative and well-executed.