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Optimal Investment Strategies to Minimize Flood Impact on Road Infrastructure Systems in Vietnam

Vietnam is ranked globally as the country with fourth highest exposure to flooding. Between 1985 and 2010, more than 80 major floods affected Vietnam. The National Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment (IMHEN) recorded over 5000 people killed and 25 million impacted by floods during the last 50 years (IMHEN-UNDP 2015).

Fast urbanization, ageing drainage systems and climate change impact exacerbate the problem of floods on transport infrastructure in the cities. To solve this problem, there is a need for a science-driven approach to investment planning.

Our proposed multi-disciplinary project aims to address this by developing optimized investment strategies that minimise flood impacts on road infrastructure in Vietnam, focusing on urban areas like Hanoi. We will achieve this by working closely with an established network of local authorities, researchers and communities.

By working in partnership with key stakeholders, we are confident that the research findings will be integrated into future infrastructure investment plans and inform policymaking and implementation.

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