Thinking about Thinking

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Thinking about Thinking

  • How do people understand and process their own thoughts?
  • How does this influence how they make sense of the world?
  • How does thinking about thinking differ in people with autism? And how does this affect their learning and social cognition?
  • These are some of the questions that our research will address.

One of the key ways that we interact and make sense of the world is by monitoring and regulating our thoughts in order to control behaviour and to achieve our goals. Therefore, how we process and understand our own thoughts is key to how we learn and develop in our social environment. The aim of the research is to understand the nature of this kind of self-awareness and how it relates to our understanding of other people.

We also want to understand more about how people with autism think about their own thoughts, and we hope the research will contribute to the development of new and improved methods to encourage learning and social development in people with autism.

We are currently looking for participants to take part in our research. If you are interested, please contact Dr Toby Nicholson directly (email:; telephone: 01227 827266)

Learn more about what taking part involves.

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