Kent Adult Research Unit

Elderly couple on hill.

Kent Adult Research Unit

At the Kent Adult Research Unit (KARU) we believe in taking a life-course approach to exploring everyday social, psychological and physiological phenomena. Some of our research is interested in understanding age-related changes and developments, but in other research we are simply interested in understanding the views and opinions of the public.

We run studies with people of all ages, asking important questions such as:

  • How do social communication skills change with age, and how might we be able to enhance them?
  • What are our attitudes and expectations of ageing, and how do they influence life-style decisions we make?
  • Are the brain processes that support memory the same across different age-groups, and can we stimulate the brain to enhance memory function in older age?

If you are interested in keeping up to date with our research or participating in our studies, we’d like to invite you to join our mailing list. We will keep you informed of any upcoming research that you, or someone you know, may want to take part in; events relating to issues that we are involved in in the local area; and details of our latest research publications.

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