The Lady’s Magazine: Understanding the Emergence of a Genre

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The Lady’s Magazine Project on Social Media

One of the great joys of this project has been the community it has brought together on social media. The diverse contents of the magazine and the conversations we have about it have brought together academics, history buffs, genealogists, embroiderers and textile artists, collectors and booksellers.

In addition to writing for our own blog, we have been asked to write articles and posts about the project for: ABO PublicThe 18th-Century CommonThe Quilter and

Jennie also recorded a 30-minute podcast on the magazine as part of the Hidden Histories podcast series for the New Statesmanwith Dr Sophie Coulombeau, Dr Liz Edwards and New Statesman Deputy Editor, Helen Lewis. You can listen and download the podcast free of charge here.

If you want to join the conversation, which will continue after the project ends, please follow us on one or all of the following channels: