Supramolecular, Interfacial and Synthetic Chemistry (SISC)

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Supramolecular, Interfacial and Synthetic Chemistry (SISC)

Using Chemistry to tackle challenges in society, technology and healthcare

Welcome to the SISC group at the University of Kent, where chemistry meets innovation to address critical challenges in today's world. Our team is dedicated to exploring the vast realm of molecular chemistry and its diverse applications, driving both fundamental breakthroughs and practical solutions across various fields.

Our Approach: Bridging Disciplines for Broader Impact
At SISC, we believe in transcending traditional boundaries to create a more integrated and impactful approach to research. Our group consists of eight distinct yet interconnected research teams, each specialising in key areas such as synthetic, supramolecular, interfacial, macromolecular, biomolecular, redox, computational, and materials chemistry. This unique constellation of expertise enables us to explore novel intersections and synergies, fostering groundbreaking research and innovation.

Collaboration at the Core
Collaboration is at the heart of our ethos. By fostering a vibrant and cooperative research environment, we encourage the cross-pollination of ideas and techniques. Our researchers leverage their combined strengths, facilities, and methodologies to advance understanding and application in critical areas. This collaborative spirit extends beyond our group, encompassing partnerships with industry, academia, and healthcare sectors. Discover more about our expanding collaborative reach through SISC Global.

Targeting Key Areas of Influence
Our research efforts are strategically aligned with significant global challenges. We are actively engaged in advancing biomedical sciences, promoting sustainability, developing advanced sensing technologies, and exploring the potential of soft materials. Each project within SISC is a step towards creating a better future through chemical innovation.

Explore, Connect, and Discover with Us
We invite you to delve deeper into the world of SISC:

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Equipment and Facilities: Take a virtual tour of our state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities that enable cutting-edge research.
SISC Seminars 2023-24: Join us at our engaging and informative seminars led by leading experts in the field.
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Research: Explore our diverse research themes, projects, and the impact they have in shaping a sustainable and healthy future.
Publications: Browse through our extensive library of published work, showcasing the depth and breadth of our research.
News: Stay updated with the latest developments, achievements, and milestones within the SISC group.
About Us: Learn more about our mission, vision, and the values that guide our pursuit of excellence in chemistry research.

Join us in our journey as we use the power of chemistry to create a better world. Welcome to SISC at the University of Kent – where chemistry meets innovation.