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Migration and Movement

Migration and Movement is a high stakes, high impact theme linking Kent’s location as borderland to global priorities (e.g. the UN Global Compact 2018). No existing team has tackled the major problem in existing research: the separation between disciplinary languages, methodologies and data-sets in which human movement is analysed. By promoting border-crossing between (for example) geography, bioscience, law, languages, statistics, education, history and social policy, this theme will generate new multidisciplinary concepts and methodologies and move the sometimes static studies of movement well beyond the state of the art. We will problematise borders between (for example) ‘migrants’, ‘tourists’, ‘ex-pats’ and ‘high net worth individuals’, and expand migration to include the movement of pathogens, remittances, goods, labour—and students and academics.


Poster 1:  Works packages

Text poster outlining the 2030 agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals and policy briefings of the Global Compact for Migrations

Work packages based on the Sustainable Development Goals, the Global Compact for Migration (2018) and the ODI Briefing Notes on Migrations and Development (2018)

Poster 2:  An ambitiously multidisciplinary centre

Text poster than includes a pink map of the UK. Text explains the strategic aims and fourfold strategy of the Migration and Movement theme

Migration and Movement: An ambitiously multidisciplinary centre

Poster 3:  Education and Training Projects

Text poster listing the aims that the education task team will pursue.

Migration and Movement: Education and Training Projects

Poster 4:  Heath migration

Chielfy text poster detailing barriers and facilitators to immunisation uptake for Roma people in the UK, next steps and the approach

Health and migration: Working with Roma communities in Kent on immunisation and health inequalities

Sanctuary and University Strategy


  • Anthony Manning
  • Yvonne Sherwood
  • David Herd
  • Libby Kane (KSU STAR= Student Action for Refugees); Postgraduate representative
  • Amanda Klekowski von Koppenfels (Brussels)
  • Lucy Foley
  • Natalia Crisanti
  • Vanessa Nedderman
  • Hilary Eldridge
  • Ben Margolis
  • Plus –  successor from Universities of Sanctuary; sanctuary students and scholars at Kent

Initial Plans (University without walls)

  • Meet with all CARA and Article 26 students to discuss mentoring, networking, training and support needs
  • Embed scholarships + communication of scholarships, plus webpage (including information about educational trusts and charities); embed support structure (mentoring and networking meetings)
  • Appoint a Sanctuary support representative/mentor for each Division
  • Sanctuary conference, July 2020: 2 day residential courses for people seeking sanctuary. (Accommodation and meals to be provided). Kent staff to give training sessions on (for example) British History; Immigration Law and Appeals; Public Speaking (linking to David Herd’s training sessions for parliamentary advocacy); Opportunities at Kent
  • Annual Outreach Events for World Access to Higher Education Day (28th November)
  • English Language Training: English Hub for Refugees (+online materials); CEWL professional courses (how to adapt?); linking to STAR volunteers
  • Staff training; raising awareness of issues faced by Article 26 and CARA students and students and academics who have been forcibly displaced
  • Fundraising: e.g. Santander; UPP; Crowdfunding (staff and student fundraising small amounts only)
  • Outreach Schools: Link to Schools of Sanctuary Project led by Frederika (Samphire) at Kent (just moving into Canterbury and Whitstable) and link to STAR; training young ambassadors to share their experiences in schools
  • Outreach : Liaising with local authorities to reach out to unaccompanied asylum seeking children in their care (460+ in Kent) to understand educational needs and support progression (part of widening progression and access programmes); + special open days
  • Opening facilities: Access to Sports Centre and Library (tbd); special access cards?
  • Learning: Embed issues and contributions from people with lived experience into curricula and training (e.g. social work, law, health)
  • Link to District of Sanctuary movement (including stakeholders in East Kent)


This film looks at the history of British migration, from the multi-cultural patchwork of Roman Britain to the First World War and finds that migration has always been a big part of British life. The film was made as a collaborative project between Kent’s School of History, Kent’s Department of Classical and Archaeological Studies, and the University of Reading’s Department of Archaeology.