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Honey bee on yellow flower

Positive Environmental Futures

This Signature Research Theme is about building an innovative, creative and inclusive community that is actively focused on addressing real-world challenges and finding solutions to the urgent environmental issues facing the world today.

Our aim is to facilitate trans-disciplinary work designed to be responsive to environmental challenges and pro-active in its use of collaborative knowledge to affect positive change.

We are interested in understanding environmental challenges, enabling innovative and equitable solutions and delivering change.

Within the ‘Positive Environmental Futures’ umbrella, our aspiration is to nurture active areas of research expertise, provide space for new and emerging collaborative activity to grow and to build inclusive relationships with a range of external partners.

Our focus areas

Three children collecting litter from a sandy beach

Behaviours and values

Young plant be watered with a hose


Pouring milk into a glass, cow and meadow in background


Silhouette of a fisherman on a boat


Strawberries growing using hydroponic method


Recycled everyday items

Circular Systems

Surfer walking along a beach, surfboard held above head

Health and Wellbeing

Illustrated world map drawn on a flat chalk board


Arial view of trees, fields, a farming building, with mountains on the horizon


Wind turbines

Natural Resources

Sunset, solar panels and electricity pilons

Future Energy

Woman working on a laptop

Business Models