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Migration and Movement

Our Migration and Movement Signature Research Theme aims to expand understanding of migration beyond the movement of people, to include the migration of pathogens, monies, technologies, cultures, scriptures, coffee, drugs, medicines, labour, and ideas.

We launched our theme in September 2021, at a historical moment when intersecting crises of movement were, and still are, taking place.

As Covid-19 continues to spread, governments have been enforcing lockdowns and movement restrictions, yet the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reports forced displacement at upwards of 75 million people.

As climate change accelerates and conflicts escalate, people will continue to seek sustainable existences elsewhere and will be compelled to move, yet governments in the global north are preparing to render the seeking of asylum more difficult or even illegal.

Our mission

We are a civic oriented network and believe that universities – our institution in particular – can play a key role as leaders of intellectual debates and as creators of advocacy and evidence-based research around migration, its contexts, histories and benefits.

We are committed to learning from the work of decolonial and postcolonial colleagues, and from the perspectives of persons with lived experience.

Reflexive learning and intersectional empathy underpin every aspect of our ethics. We are keen to foster interdisciplinary conversations on issues of migration and movement to find new ways of approaching the complex issues it brings up.

We are also actively engaged in establishing and strengthening our links with other Higher Education Institutes, charities and civic society organisations working in the field to collaborate on impact, innovation, public engagement and other knowledge exchange strategies.

About us

Our vibrant community of scholars and practitioner academics are working in the field of migration and movement. They bring numerous interdisciplinary perspectives, from International Law to Urban Planning, Pharmacy, Statistics, Politics and Entrepreneurship.