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Our team are exploring the use of science and technology for future human development. We are doing this by creating a broad and interdisciplinary understanding of the opportunities, limits, challenges, and risks of using science and technology to overcome the limits of our bodies and restore or improve performance and function.

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Our Main Themes Outreach Work Future Human Projects

We also question the legal, political and ethical issues, to ask if this should be done, and if it will be accepted or not.

By working with our network we are exploring what can be achieved for future human. We are using art and creative technologies to talk about:

  • using sensors and tests for breathing problems and cancer
  • designing and decision making
  • dealing with information overload
  • how Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can be used in palliative and dementia care.

As a result, Future Human can change how we all work, how we stay healthy, and live and experience our everyday lives.