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Facilities and Expertise

To deliver our mission we leverage a broad range of expertise and state-of-the-art facilities.


Expertise within the group ranges from quantum field theory and phenomenology via fundamental quantum physics to computational approaches. We enjoy access to advanced computational facilities and have an established track-record of successful experiment-theory collaborations.


Experimental work includes accelerator-based experiments (synchrotron, neutrons, and  muons) and measurements under extreme quantum conditions. We have a unique double-stage adiabatic demagnetisation refrigerator (dADR) which can cool samples to 15mK under highly-hydrostatic pressures of 50GPa with magnetic fields up to 6T and low noise sensitivity (1pV). In addition, we enjoy access to shared facilities inlcuding X-ray, Raman, SEM, etc.

Scientific Computing

We use advanced computing equipment for computational work on strongly correlated electron systems. To support this work, we have access to the division-run computing facility Tor, as well as the university wide computing facility Icarus. Additionally, the group of Dr Möller hosts a number of computing servers with up to 48 Xeon cores and 512GB of RAM.