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Condensed Matter Physics in the City: Online 2021

Remit and Audience:

Condensed Matter Physics in the City 2021 takes place under the heading Quantum Materials to Quantum Information, following up on our successful 2020 online edition “Deep Challenges of Quantum Materials: insights from entanglement and emergence”.

This conference series is organised annually by the Hubbard Theory Consortium (formed by Imperial College London, University College London, the University of Kent and Royal Holloway University of London).

Join the discussion on twitter under our conference hashtag #cmpcity2021. For more info, see Social Media.


Week 1: Monday 28 June – Friday 2 July (Skye)
Week 2: Monday 5 July – Friday 9 July (London)

See the schedule online. Please see the registration page for instructions how to join.


Due to ongoing COVID restrictions about meetings and travel (and in particularly the uncertainty it brings), the 2021 edition will again be online.

1:30/2pm – 5:30pm/6pm London time (BST) each day. A provisional schedule is now available.

The first week of condensed matter physics in the city 2021 will also form part of the programme of a group meeting Workshop on Foundations of Quantum Matter, postponed from June 2020 that will take place on the Isle of Skye.

The second week will be nominally based in London — if the situation allows, we may have a small audience meeting together in London to watch the online events together.

Online talks will be complemented by discussion channels and online community building events. In keeping with the meeting’s tradition, all talks are scheduled with generous time for discussion, and active participation by all attendees is strongly encouraged.

Details on the running of the meeting are to be confirmed in due course and will be communicated directly to registered participants.

Confirmed Speakers:

Week 1
Manuel Brando (MPI Chemical Physics of Solids)
Paul Canfield  (Iowa State)
John Chalker (Oxford University)
Ahron Kapitulnik (Stanford University)
Johnpierre Paglione (University of Maryland)
Subir Sachdev (Harvard University)
Suchitra Sebastian (University of Cambridge)
Week 2
Meigan Aronson (University of British Columbia)
Claudio Chamon (Boston U.)
Francesca Ferlaino (University of Innsbruck)
Kaden Hazzard (Rice University)
Adam Nahum (ENS Paris)
Frank Pollmann (TU Munich)
Adam Smith (University Nottingham)
Andrea Young (UCSB)


For details on how to register, please see the Registration Page.

We look forward to welcome you to this globally broadcast issue of Condensed Matter Physics in the Cities, soon.


We gratefully acknowledge support by the Institute of Complex Adaptive Matter (ICAM).


The 2021 organising committee:

Ryan Barnett, Sam Carr, Piers Coleman, Andrew Green, Andrew Ho, Andrew Huxley, Frank Krüger, Gunnar Möller

History of the meeting:

Condensed Matter Physics in the City is run by the Hubbard Theory Consortium, as one of its flagship activities since its foundation in 2010.

The Hubbard Theory Consortium brings together condensed matter groups throughout southeast England, including the groups at Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL), the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) in Harwell (including the ISIS Facilities and the Diamond Light Source), the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) at University College London, the University of Kent, and Imperial College London.

Please see the HTC website for more information.


Please direct queries to

Social Media:

Announcements will be made via the twitter account of the Hubbard Theory Consortium @HTCPhysics and the conference hashtag is #cmpcity2021. For more info, see Social Media.