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Condensed Matter Physics in the City 2023: Schedule

Conference schedule:

all times given as UK summer time (BST)

Schedule: Condensed Matter Physics in the City 2023

“Quantum Materials, Information and Technology”

Programme for talks delivered live and additionally broadcast online.

see the PDF booklet for abstracts of the conference.

10-14th July 2023

Talks: 50 minutes+ 30 minutes discussion
Short Talks:  20 minutes + 10 minutes discussion
Location:   UCL Roberts Engineering Building Rm 508, Torrington Place. 

Monday  10 July

09:50    Piers Coleman  “Opening Remarks”

10:00     Shuqiu Wang (Oxford U.)  “Visualizing the Surface States of Spin-Triplet Superconductor UTe2”

11:20      Break

11:40      Ashvin Vishwanath  “Non-Abelian topological order in synthetic quantum systems”  [slides]

13:00 – 14:30    —Lunch break—   

14.30      Roopayan Ghosh “Separability criterion using one observable for special states: Entanglement detection via quantum quench” [video] [slides]

15:00      Alex Nico-Katz “An entanglement-complexity geometric measure” [video]

15.30      Break

15:50      Aline Ramires  “Unconventional properties of unconventional superconductors: the odd, the dirty, and the driven” [video] [slides]

17:10       Jack Horner on the Corner


Tuesday  11 July 

10:00     Vidya Madhavan  The strange case of magnetic field sensitive charge density waves” [video] [slides]

11:20      Break

11:40      Sasha Balatsky  “Rectified Quantum Orders” [video]

13:00 – 14:30    —Lunch break—  

14.30     Gaurav Chaudhary “Superconductivity from polar fluctuations in multi-orbital systems” [video] [slides]

15:00     Steffen Bollmann “Time-reversal invariant topological superconductor in the Coulomb blockade regime” [video] [slides]

15.30       Break

15:50      Tony Carrington  ‘Magneto-transport in cuprate superconductors’ [video]

17:10        Jack Horner on the Corner

Wednesday 12 July 

10:00      Joaquín Fernández Rossier  “Bottom-up design of quantum matter with nanographenes” [video] [slides]

11:20       Break

11:40       Frank Schindler  “Hermitian Bulk — Non-Hermitian Boundary Correspondence” [video] [slides]

13:00 – 14:30    —Lunch break—  

14.30     Nilotpal Chakraborty “Magnon transport in quantum Hall heterojunctions probes the interplay of symmetry breaking, topology and entanglement” [video] [slides]

15:00     Li Ern Chern “Topological phase diagrams of in-plane field polarized Kitaev magnets”  [slides]

15.30       Break

15:50      Erez Berg  “Programmable adiabatic demagnetization: State preparation by simulated cooling” [video] [slides]

17:10 Jack Horner on the Corner

(Early dinner/break to get to Public lecture at ICL)

19:00     Oliver Dial   Public lecture (Clore Lecture Theatre, Huxley Building, Imperial College)  “The future of quantum computing” (note: separate registration required – see here for details and follow this direct link to registration via eventbrite!) [slides]

Thursday 13 July 

10:00      Pablo Jarillo-Herrero I  “Magic-Angle Multilayer Graphene: A Robust Family of Moiré Superconductors” [video]

11:20       Break

11:40      Oliver Dial  “An error-mitigated path to quantum utility” [video] [slides]


13:00 – 14:30    —Lunch break—  

14.30      Alexander Tyner “AI guided topological materials design and discovery” [video][slides]

15:00      Yu-Chin Tzeng “General properties of fidelity in non-Hermitian quantum systems with PT symmetry” [video][slides]

15.30      Break

15:50      Amalia Coldea  “Fermi surfaces and quasiparticles inside the high-pressure high-Tc phase of iron chalcogenides” [video]

17:10      Jack Horner on the Corner

Friday 14 July 

10:00      Pablo Jarillo-Herrero II  “Next Generation Moiré Quantum Matter” [video]

11:20       Break

11:40      Je-Geun Park  “Emerging new opportunities of van der Waals magnets” [video] [slides]

13:00 – 14:30    —Lunch break—  

14.30      Raffaele Mazzilli “Electrical transport probes of quantum spin liquids” [video]

15:00      Ewan Scott “Hard axis ordering in Kondo magnets[video]

15.30       Break

15:50      Steve Simon  “Kekule spirals in twisted bilayer graphene” [video]

17:10      Jack Horner on the Corner

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