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Welcome from Dr Beth Breeze

Director of the Centre for Philanthropy and convener of the Civil Society research cluster 2019/20

Thank you for choosing to participate in this online version of our conference. It’s disappointing not to be able to gather in person on our beautiful Canterbury campus as planned, but it is a testament to the enthusiasm of colleagues in this research cluster, and to the kindness of the speakers, that we are able to transfer to an online platform to continue sharing knowledge and new ideas about our topic.

I am especially grateful to our keynote speakers Prof Hugh Cunningham, Dr Jon Dean and Prof Ilana Silber. Their presentations are packed full of stimulating content and I’m sure you will enjoy watching them. Thank you also to our colleagues Ali, Corey and Kate for giving us insights into the contents of their newly published books.

It has been a pleasure to convene the Civil Society research cluster during this year. Despite the unusual circumstances we are facing, the desire to advance understanding and knowledge of this field continues to bring us together.
Please do make yourself a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy the six talks below.

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