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MA in a Day!


Welcome to this ‘taster’ of our MA in Philanthropic Studies.

We are delighted to share with you some resources, ideas and information that are normally only available to registered students. We hope you will enjoy watching the lectures, accessing the reading and resources and that it helps provide some free professional development in these most unusual times.

Feel free to contact us with any feedback at: philanthropy@kent.ac.uk

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The MA programme and Kent Centre for Philanthropy are kindly supported by Pears Foundation

Topic 1: Fundamentals of Philanthropy


Philanthropy and the Human Condition by guest lecturer Professor Michael Moody, of the Johnson Centre for Philanthropy, Grand Valley State University, USA

Further reading:

‘What is Philanthropy?’ Section 1 Editor’s introduction in The Philanthropy Reader, edited by Michael Moody & Beth Breeze (pp.3-6 on this link, though feel free to explore the rest of the book!)

‘Philanthropy’s Greatest Achievements’ 

‘Is Philanthropy Failing?’ 

Resource suggestion:

Philanthropy as an academic discipline (podcast with Beth Breeze) 

Topic 2: The Art and Science of Fundraising


‘The History of Fundraising’ by Dr Beth Breeze, Centre for Philanthropy, University of Kent

Further reading:

Fundraising for Unpopular Causes by Ali Body and Beth Breeze 

‘We need to stop viewing fundraising as a separate function’ by Dr Lesley Alborough, University of Kent 

Resource suggestion:

‘Are fundraisers ready to think more critically about their work?’ (podcast with Lesley Alborough) 


Topic 3 Volunteering and Society


‘The Role of the Voluntary Sector’ by Dr Eddy Hogg, Director of Studies for Social Policy, University of Kent 

Further reading:

’The Increasing Role of Voluntary Action in Primary Education’ by Ali Body and Eddy Hogg

‘For children, charity is about more than money’ by Dr Ali Body, University of Kent

Resource suggestion:

UK Civil Society Almanac, published by NCVO 


Topic 4: Major Donor Fundraising


‘Million Pound Donations: Who gives them, Who gets them, and Why?’ by Dr Beth Breeze, Centre for Philanthropy, University of Kent 

Further reading:

‘Why Do Rich People Give?’ by Beth Breeze

‘The Role of Prospect Research in Major Donor Fundraising’ by Nicola Williams, Kent MA Philanthropic Studies student (graduated 2019)

’The top 5 reasons the rich like to donate to universities’ by Beth Breeze

Resource suggestion:

Coutts Million Pound Donor research 


Topic 5: Working with Donors and Supporters


‘Ethical Dilemmas in Donor Advising’ by Emma Beeston, Independent philanthropy adviser and co-designer of Advising Donors module

Further reading:

‘Great British Philanthropy: Creating a fellowship of donors to support local communities’ by Beth Breeze

‘Should charities accept contrition cash from dubious donors?’ by Beth Breeze, University of Kent 

Resource suggestion:

A Guide to Giving, 3rd edition, Philanthropy UK 



We hope you enjoyed the MA in a Day taster.

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