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Centre for Modern European Literature and Culture

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Lectures and seminars 2011-12

Below is a list of Centre for Modern European Literature events for the 2011-12 academic year.

Lecture Series: ‘Literature and Sexuality’

Convened by Dr Anna Katharina Schaffner


Thursday 6 October 2011: Dr Larry Duffy (University of Kent), ‘Networks of Good and Evil in Michel Houellebecq’s Fiction’

Thursday 3 November 2011: Professor Lisa Downing (University of Exeter), ‘Tracing a Proto-Queer Feminist Genealogy: Rachilde and Monique Wittig’

Thursday 1 December 2011: Professor Hubert van den Berg (University of Poznan), ‘Dada and Sex’

Thursday 8 December 2011: Professor Andrew Webber (University of Cambridge), ‘Homosexuality, Modernism and the Psychoanalytic Case History’

Thursday 9 February 2012: Dr James Fowler (University of Kent), ‘The Issue of Rape, Chastity and the Greater Good in Voltaire’s Late Conte “Lettres d’Amabed”’

Wednesday 29 February 2012: Dr Patricia Novillo-Corvalán (University of Kent), ‘The Task of the Translator: Jorge Luis Borges and the Obscene Passages in Molly Bloom’s Monologue’

Thursday 8 March 2012: Dr David Cunningham (University of Westminster), ‘The Poetry of the Novel and the Prose of the World: Capitalism and the Philosophy of the Novel’ [out of series lecture]

Thursday 15 March 2012: Dr Sasha Bru (University of Leuven), ‘On Time: The Avant-Garde’s Politics and Poetics of Temporality’ [out of series lecture]

Thursday 22 March 2012: Professor Lucille Cairns (University of Durham), ‘Queer Republican France and Its Euro-American “Others”’

Thursday 29 March 2012: Professor Karl Leydecker (University of Kent), ‘Modernism and Divorce’

Friday 11 May 2012: Professor Hans-Thies Lehmann, ‘Mourning Play, Tragedy, Post-Dramatic Theatre’ [out of series lecture]

Thursday 17 May 2012: Dr Hector Kollias (King’s College London), ‘Shameless: Jouhandeau and Genet, between Abjection and Sublimation’

Thursday 24 May 2012: Dr Edward Kanterian (University of Kent), ‘“The Darkness of the Poem is the Darkness of Death”: Paul Celan and the Limits of Heidegger’s Thinking About Poetry’ [out of series lecture]