Centre for Modern European Literature and Culture

Centre funding scheme

The Centre for Modern European Literature and Culture has a limited amount of funding available to support research events (conferences, workshops, etc.) leading to published outputs within the area of modern European literature broadly defined. This funding is not available to support individual research projects (subventions, individual research expenses, etc.), but rather to encourage collaborative work with a clearly defined publication plan.

For any informal enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact the Centre Director.

Conditions of funding

Successful applicants for Centre funding are requested to fulfil the following standard conditions:

1. Please acknowledge the Centre’s financial support on any website created for the event, in related publicity, and in any publication coming from the event.
2. When you have the final outline of the conference ready, please forward it to us for inclusion on our website (this should help with publicity for the event).
3. Receipts to the amount approved by the Centre should be submitted no later than one month after the event.
4. Recipients should submit a brief report to the Director no later than three months after the event. This report should include details on the event (final programme, etc.) and a statement on the progress made towards a publication based on the event.
5. Applicants should confirm by email to the Director that they agree to the above conditions.

Application form

The application form for Centre funding, which should be submitted to the Director, can be downloaded from this site.