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Chimpanzees feeding on duiker
This video shows chimpanzees of the Sonso community, from the Budongo Forest, Uganda, sharing and consuming the carcass of a duiker (forest antelope) that they have just killed. The two chimpanzees featured in the video are high ranking adult males; the individual in possession of the carcass is the alpha male. This was filmed in May 2005. Recorded by Dr Nicholas Newton-Fisher.

Capuchin female sexual displays 
Female tufted capuchin monkeys produce elaborate displays when in oestrous that consist of a range of vocalisations, postures, and facial expressions. These tend to be conspicuously directed towards a specific male and provide probabilistic information regarding female fertility. Here, an adult female capuchin displays towards an adult male in Iguazú National Park, Argentina. (Research by Barbara Tiddi, Brandon Wheeler and Michael Heistermann; video recorded by Martin Fahy.)