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Research projects

  • Grooming Reciprocity and Exchange in Wild Chimpanzees (Nicholas Newton-Fisher)
  • Threats and violence amongst chimpanzees and other apes (Nicholas Newton-Fisher)
  • Evaluating measures of co-existence between people and wild chimpanzees in Guinea and Sierra Leone, West Africa (Tatyana Humle, with Freya St. John)
  • Using genetics as a tool for assessing the impact of mining on chimpanzees- SMFG Nimba Iron Ore (Tatyana Humle, with Christina Hvislom and Kathelijne Koops)
  • Meaning attribution and decision-making in the perception of false alarm calls among wild tufted capuchin monkeys (Brandon Wheeler)
  • How do capuchins come to attribute meanings to sounds? The potential roles of associative and social learning (Brandon Wheeler).
  • Female mate choice and male mating decisions in wild tufted capuchin monkeys (Brandon Wheeler, with Barbara Tiddi & Michael Heistermann)
  • Modelling the group size effect on individual predation risk among primates (Brandon Wheeler, with Charles Janson)
  • The ecology of social relationships among female primates: testing the models (Brandon Wheeler, with Andreas Koenig, Carola Borries, and Clara Scarry)
  • GRASP The evolution of the human hand: grasping trees and tools. (Tracy Kivell & Matthew Skinner)
  • Developmental stress in extant apes as manifested in their dental tissues (Matthew Skinner)