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Animal Behaviour Pro

For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Optimise live coding of animal behaviour, in the field or the laboratory. Easy to configure to record the data you need, the way you need it: your subject codes, your ethogram. Eliminate transcription errors and time lost to manual data entry.

Multiple Simultaneous Sampling Methods

  • Continuous focal animal
  • Instantaneous scan
  • Focal behaviour/sequence/all occurrence
  • Ad libitum

User-defined, multiple coding schemes

  • Virtually unlimited number of subjects
  • Virtually unlimited number of behaviour codes
  • Specify your own ID & behaviour codes
  • Arranged subjects &/or behaviours into groups
  • Use colour-tags groups to speed data collection
  • Use Counts instead of – or alongside – ID codes
  • Control display order of ID codes
  • Define and edit coding schemes with the app
  • Lock schemes for use by students and field assistants

Multiple export options

  • iTunes/Mac file sharing
  • Email,
  • iCloud
  • Export logs (CSV format) singly or in batches

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Runs across multiple versions of iOS, and on both latest and very old hardware

(iOS9+ needed for latest features)

Privacy Statement

students using Animal Behaviour Pro in the fieldAnimal Behaviour Pro neither collects nor transmits any data personal to the user. The initial, 4-digit, ‘log-in’ code is used to tag the log files generated by the app so the user can later identify who made which observations, assuming the user allocates different 4-digit codes to different observers (e.g. an instructor might allocate a code to each student in a class). The code is arbitrary and selected at the discretion of the user. The log files generated by the app are available only to the user of the app; these log files contain only a record of the ‘key presses’ of the user within the app,  with these key presses corresponding to codes established by the user through the ‘coding scheme’.