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Kent Adult Research Unit

Join us and take part

Our staff and research students run many projects and experiments throughout the year. We are often looking for new participants to be part of these studies to help us collect data to inform new scientific findings.


We would like to invite adults of all ages to sign up as research contacts. Contacts will be infrequently informed of research we are carrying out and invited to take part. No qualifications necessary!

Research may be carried out at the University of Kent’s Canterbury campus where you will be welcomed by the researcher, or may involve indirect correspondence (e.g. via email, filling out an online form, or telephone interview). We may even come to you in our special ‘mobile research lab’ van. Individual studies will specify any incentives for taking part and other specifics, e.g. what it is about, what it involves, how long it takes, etc.

We appreciate that being bombarded with emails/calls etc. is not nice and so we will ensure that correspondence is kept to a minimum.  If at any point you wish to remove your details, you can do so quickly by just contacting us. We can guarantee that no details will be passed on to third parties.

Important research and rather interesting too!

Publication of our research findings contributes to important issues that involve understanding the brain, the mind and human behaviour. Most of our research is used to inform the work of wider audiences including schools, government and charity organisations. You will be the first to know the results of our research, which can be communicated to you either by email (following your participation in a particular study), via our newsletters, or at one of our public engagement and outreach events.

Without volunteers like you, new scientific insights would not be possible.