Kent’s Consortium for World Affairs (KCWA)

KCWA is a discussion forum for all early career researchers who want to shape the future.

Our objective 

KCWA is a PhD-led initiative which aims to provide space for discussion in a variety of topics. Early career researchers often face difficulties to publish their cutting-edge research. KCWA makes this easier. PhD students and postdoctoral researchers offer their views on everyday topics with public interest and policy implications.  

We want to provide you with the opportunity to solve current puzzles and problems that are of concern to us all.

 Topics we treat 

We write about topics of our concern driven by our scientific curiosity.  While the research interests of the group lie within the topics Human and Social Sciences Division treats, there are no limits on the topics we want to discuss. We want to address issues from various angles through interdisciplinary dialogue.

For example, we host blogs, reports and commentaries from war and conflict, to the market, to global climate change, to the cells in our bodies, and more.

We want to connect researchers in order to discuss topics that range from: inequality, conflict, institutions, economy, gender, health, education, environment, labour markets, trade, international and national bodies, government, psychology, and beyond.

Therefore, we encourage researchers from outside of the HSS division to get into contact with us.  Write for us and/or become a part of the KCWA team!

Still want to know more about us? Contact us, let’s discuss!