Portrait of Dr Anisa Heritage

Dr Anisa Heritage

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst


Dr Anisa Heritage is Senior Lecturer, Defence and International Affairs Department, Faculty for the Study of Leadership, Security and Warfare, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, UK.

Anisa’s research expertise centres on order-building, contestation and transformation and her approach to international security draws on ontological security and inter-state identity formation processes.

With the expansion of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), her research focuses on the effects of China’s hegemonic project on ‘liberal’ order in Eurasia. With her research partner, Pak K. Lee based at the University of Kent, she is currently investigating whether cooperative orders and governance models are possible in this region in light of globally changing power dynamics. She is a Visiting Research Fellow of the University of Kent’s GCRF COMPASS project.

Their co-authored book, Chinese Hegemony and the Belt and Road lnitiative: Uncovering China’s Legitimation Strategy is due for publication with IB Tauris in March 2021. The book project is partially funded by the GCRF COMPASS project and includes regional expertise input from GCRF COMPASS project partners in Central Asia.

Anisa completed her PhD in International Relations at the University of Kent in March 2017. Her thesis, entitled “Interpreting the Obama Administration’s Rebalance Strategy: Sustaining US Hegemony in the Asia-Pacific”, interpreted the ‘Pivot to Asia’ from the perspective of American ontological security-seeking to consolidate US identity as an Asia-Pacific power.

Last updated 26th May 2020