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EU institutions:
Official Gateway to the European Union
European Commission Representation, United Kingdom
European Parliament Office, United Kingdom
European Institutions
European Agencies
European Parliament
European Court of Justice
European External Action Service

EUR-Lex – The Portal of the European Union Law

Publications and learning resources:
EU Bookshop
Teachers’ Corner
Kids’ Corner
The Mystery of the Golden Stars (KS2/3 teaching resource)
Passport to the European Union
Languages take you further
European Language Quiz
Large Wall Maps
The EU – What’s in it for me?
The History of the European Union
The Symbols of the EU
Basic Information on the Member States
JCMS Journal of Common Market Studies (Editors in Chief Richard Whitman and Toni Haastrup)

Careers and traineeships:
EU Careers
Careers in EU Agencies
Official EU Traineeships
NATO Careers & Traineeships
Council of Europe Careers & Traineeships
OSCE Careers

EU funds and grants:
Small Businesses
Opportunities for NGOs
Education and Training
Youth in Action Programme
Research & Innovation/Horizon 2020

Other institutions:
NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
Council of Europe
OSCE – Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe

UK government:
Gateway to the United Kingdom Government
Prime Minister’s Office
UK Parliament
Foreign Affairs Committee
House of Lords EU Select Committee
Lords EU Sub-Committee A – Economic and Financial Affairs
Lords EU Sub-Committee B – Internal Market, Infrastructure and Employment
Lords EU Sub-Committee C – External Affairs
Lords EU Sub-Committee D – Agriculture, Fisheries, Environment and Energy
Lords EU Sub-Committee E – Justice, Institutions and Consumer Protection
Lords EU Sub-Committee F – Home Affairs, Health and Education
European Committee
European Scrutiny Committee

Kent MEPs
Foreign Affairs Committee, House of Commons
Foreign Affairs Sub-Committee, House of Lords
Enterprise, Employment, Skills and Training in Europe

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