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Global student forum

The Student Forum is run by the students for the students, in order to foster a vibrant learning environment extending beyond classrooms. The Global Europe Centre prides itself on holding events organised solely by our students, ranging from Doctoral workshops, a Reading Group, the annual Europe Day celebrations, Careers in the European Union and other employability events.

Ideas for future events include employability skills training, student-run simulations and modules, internships and trips to EU Institutions and NATO.

Global Europe student forum committee

The Student Forum Committee is run by voluntary Student Ambassadors that includes research, postgraduate and undergraduate students. They work together to decide on future events held under the GEC Student Forum’s auspices and work towards their realisation in cooperation with the Centre’s Programme Coordinator and Management Team.

Doctoral workshops

The Student Forum is made up of a group of passionate Doctoral students from across the University of Kent’s Learning Centres, dedicated to holding workshops on a variety of topics, areas of interest, and research methods.

Global Europe reading group (GERG)

The Global Europe Reading Group is opened to all students and staff interested in the wider study of Europe. It takes an inter-disciplinary research approach and meets every fortnight during term times. Our approach in understanding Europe is innovative, and discussions are based on readings that include academic journals, book chapters, policy paper and documents.

Europe State of Mind

The Student Forum also holds a number of events during each academic year with the focus on the career opportunities in the EU institutions:

1. Careers in the European institutions 

Being aware of current economic challenges and the European Personnel Section Office’s drive to recruit more graduates to work within the Institutions, the Global Europe Centre actively promotes career opportunities across Europe and Brussels in particular. Cooperating with the EU Careers Ambassador at the University of Kent, we hold a number of annual sessions focusing on life and work in the European capital, including the EU Careers application process, tips on job applications, and working for NGOs and businesses.

2. Employability skills

As part of our vision, the Centre and its Student Forum are committed to creating a unique environment for the students at the University of Kent, focusing on employability enhancement skills. In collaboration with the Learning Centres, academic Schools and the Kent Careers Advisory Centre, we organise employability skills events that include sessions on networking and confidence-building.

3. Simulation games

Because we believe in ‘learning by doing’, the Global Europe Centre also supports the current development of an EU Simulation Game. This opportunity will transport participating students into the virtual world of Brussels’ decision-making, and introduce them to the processes and policies established there. In collaboration with Modelling European Union – Strasbourg, our Simulation Games include the Troika (European Commission, European Parliament and the Council) legislative process since the Lisbon Treaty, the European Parliamentary process, or the 28 Member States Council of Ministers.