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Public Outreach Reports

WP4 prepared four reports in connection to ongoing community research. These included:

WP4 Secondary literature report described existing data on community related information from the wider Eurasian region. The main categories of identifications, value systems, local communities’ attitudes and values were covered, and a thorough literature review was provided. This report addressed the gaps in existing data and literature and served as the basis for further discussion and preparation of the focus group questions that were then conducted in 2019.

Focus Group Guide questions and planning was done in May-June 2019 and data collection started in Belarus and Azerbaijan in summer 2019, in Tajikistan in fall 2019.

Based on the successful completion of the focus groups, a WP4 Focus Groups Technical Report was produced in December 2019 and updated in January 2020. The report addressed preliminary thematic findings, challenges during focus group research and described issues in data collection. It also contained reflections from the teams involved in data collection in the partner countries.

After the completion of focus groups transcripts for each country, the WP4 Focus Group Report was produced and shared with the partners in April 2020. This document combined major findings from all cases and discussed main themes of the data collected in one comprehensive document. The report is available on Sharepoint.

Following the successful completion of the Focus Group stage the WP4 Cambridge team organised a workshop in Almaty in January 2020 for all researchers involved in data collection. During the meeting findings from focus groups were discussed and the team collectively worked toward producing a survey guide. In February 2020 the WP4 lead produced the WP4 Preliminary Survey Questions document that combined the study of the state of the art, the data collected by the project prior to the survey stage and draft questions discussed by the team in January 2020. The survey stage is pending due to the COVID-19 pandemic.