Firesetting Intervention Programme for Prisoners (FIPP)

The Firesetting Intervention Programme for Prisoners (FIPP) is the sister programme to the FIP-MO and was developed by Professor Theresa Gannon specifically for use within the prison estate. The FIPP was piloted in prisons in the South East of England between July 2012 and December 2013. The results of the evaluation are very positive, showing that those firesetters who attended the FIPP made greater improvements post-treatment in key areas related to firesetting compared to those who did not attend the programme.

Full details of the evaluation (PDF)

We are currently setting up Phase 2 evaluation of our treatment programmes, which will involve looking at the impact on recidivism using PNC data. We are also looking to investigate modes of delivery, comparing group and individual treatment. If you would like further information or to be involved, please contact us at