Membership registration

Please email us if you wish to register for membership of the members area.

Please note that to sign up for membership and have access to our members’ area, you must have attended a training event. Our members’ area hosts a range of materials including key readings, non-copyrighted psychometrics and associated guidance. However, in signing up for membership you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • To complete an annual survey on my use of the FIPP/FIP-MO materials including the four factor fire scale, the MTTAF, and the treatment programmes.
  • To not distribute, reproduce, or store via any means (i.e., electronic or manual) any of the FIPP or FIP-MO materials including the training slides, handouts, manual, four factor fire scale or M-TTAF without written permission from the FIPP/FIP-MO developers.
  • To appropriately credit the authors of the FIPP/FIP-MO and all associated materials when reporting on your use of these materials both formally (e.g., websites/presentations) and informally (e.g., treatment reports).

The firesetting research team will only use your details to get back in touch regarding your enquiry. We do not pass on this information on to anyone else without your permission.

NOTE: By contacting us to sign up for membership, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of registration as detailed above.

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