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Cyber Security Research Group

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Suggested PhD Projects

Here are some suggested topics for PhD projects from our group members. These projects are merely suggestions and illustrate the broad interests of the research group. Potential research students are encouraged and welcome to produce their own suggestions in these research areas or other research areas in the field. All applicants are invited to contact the academic associated with the project when making an application.

If you are interested in studying with our Group but need help to determine your supervisor and topic, please feel free to contact Professor Shujun Li, the Group Head, for advice. From time to time, we will offer funded PhD studentships.

Supervisor: Budi Arief

  • Ways to combat ransomware (and malware in general)
  • Security issues of Internet of Things devices
  • Cybercrime and human aspects of security
  • Insiders threat and its countermeasures
  • Profiling victims and perpetrators of cybercrime (including on the dark web)

Supervisor: Sanjay Bhattacherjee

  • Cryptology
  • Blockchains
  • Voting games
  • Security-privacy-trust relationships

Supervisor: Virginia Franqueira

  • Digital Forensics (particularly digital forensic methods for improving the investigation process and practices)
  • Cybercrime investigation and mitigation (particularly cyberstalking, domestic abuse, and indecent images of children cases)
  • Protection of children online (particularly age verification and estimation, identity verification, and mechanisms to reduce harms)
  • New technologies and impact on security or digital forensics (particularly fake media, connected vehicles, and IoT)
  • Malware analysis

Supervisor: Özgür Kafalı

  • Socio-technical system design and requirements verification
  • Security/privacy ontologies and semantic breach analysis
  • Security risk management
  • Agent-based simulation for security decision-making
  • Computational normative ethics

Supervisor: Shujun Li

  • “Measuring the Internet and the Web” type of research related to security, privacy, trust and wider issues such as inappropriate videos for kids, online pornography and false information on online social networks, and use of different user authentication systems on the Internet
  • Understanding, detecting and preventing false information in the cyber-physical world
  • Data protection law such as EU GDPR and how it affects technologies such as distributed ledger technologies
  • User authentication especially password security and new user authentication systems beyond passwords
  • Security visualisation especially visualisation of passwords
  • User privacy protection and new privacy attacks in cyber space
  • Studies on parental control and child protection mechanisms online

Click here to see a list of such topics maintained on his personal website.

Supervisor: Jason Nurse

  • Cyber security awareness and culture programmes in organisations and for the public
  • Security and privacy of internet of things (IoT) devices and technologies
  • Computational social science research, particularly with regards to cybercrime, online hate, extremism, and fake news
  • Technical and psychological aspects of cybercrime (e.g. insider threat, phishing susceptibility and ransomware)
  • Corporate security in light of new forms of technology (e.g. IoT, wearables and cyber insurance)

Supervisor: Carlos Perez Delgado

  • Theory of Quantum Computation (quantum computational models, algorithms, data-structures)
  • Quantum Cryptography (topics beyond QKD such as secure distributed quantum computation)
  • Quantum attacks on existing infrastructure, and defences against it such as post-quantum cryptography
  • Verification of quantum device safety (and related areas such as device-independent cryptograph)
  • Quantum Software Engineering: This is an exciting new field, see https://arxiv.org/abs/2007.07047 for an overview.