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CARC’s research covers theoretical themes on conflict, cooperation and international security; empirical studies of ongoing conflicts, peace-building and human rights; the role of the EU, the UN, NATO and other international organisations in conflict management; and state failure and reconstruction.

We also have a particular interest in issues surrounding migration and diaspora role in conflict and peace-building, the potential and limits of mediation as a conflict management tool and critical perspectives on the nature of terrorism and the ethical issues linked to dialogue and negotiation.

The School of Politics and International Relations offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate; Masters and PhD options in fields related to the interests of the Centre. There is a range of relevant undergraduate degrees including a BA in Peace, Security and Conflict and MA and PhD programmes in International Conflict Analysis. All programmes can be done on either a full-time or part-time basis. For further information contact Professor Feargal Cochrane or our postgraduate admissions team.


Northern Ireland: The Reluctant Peace, Professor Feargal Cochrane (Yale University Press)

Northern Ireland: The Reluctant Peace, looks at 30 years of conflict in Northern Ireland and suggests there is hope for the peace process. Professor Cochrane gives a comprehensive overview of the ‘Troubles’ from the late 1960s to present day, analysing the attitudes of both sides of the divided community and considers why, 15 years after the Good Friday Agreement, sectarian attitudes and violence continue to plague the region.

Third Edition of Contemporary Conflict Resolution, Professor Hugh Miall

More info available here.

Special Issue of Critical Studies on Terrorism (April 2013)

Key papers from the CARC-sponsored conference “Terrorism and Peace and Conflict Studies: Investigating the crossroad” held in September 2012 have recently been published in a special issue of Critical Studies on Terrorism journal guest edited by CARC’s Dr Harmonie Toros and Kyung Hee University’s Dr Ioannis Tellidis.

More information is available at Taylor and Francis online and Routledge.

CARC research seminar

The CARC Research Seminar is open to all Politics and International Relations staff, masters and research students. The seminar provides a forum to discuss some of the most recent publications in the field of conflict/peace studies, as well as key publications from the last ten years. The intention here is that interested colleagues can discuss, debate and learn from each other in a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment.

Thematic research programme

2014/15 – The European Union in Crisis Management: Mediation Capabilities

This thematic project seeks to bring together the wider corpus of understanding on mediation as an initial step to the study of the EU’s developing role as mediator as a component of it’s wider foreign and security policy.

2013/14 – Diasporas and Securitisation

This 24-month research program connects the work of CARC researchers in the School of Politics and International Relations at Kent, with other academic specialists, practitioners and policy actors in the UK and internationally.

Datasets and referendums in peace processes project

The following datasets are available:

Referendums in Peace Process Project

Greek-Turkish Negotiations and Crises 1983-2003

Replication Data for Akisato Suzuki and Neophytos Loizides. 2011. Escalation of Interstate Crises of Conflictual Dyads: Greece-Turkey and India-Pakistan. Cooperation and Conflict 46, no. 1 (March): 21-39.

Research projects

Our research projects include: