Portrait of Dr Rebecca Cassidy

Dr Rebecca Cassidy

Research Fellow


I joined CHSS in July 2016. My interests are within qualitative research, patient-experience, long-term medication use, adherence, stigma,  health systems, inequalities, HIV/AIDS.

I completed my BA in English Literature at Goldsmiths College, University of London in 1998. I completed an MA in Anthropology of Development at the University of Sussex in 2005. Following this I obtained a 1+3 ESRC/MRC joint studentship at IDS, University of Sussex, for my DPhil research ‘Changing Understandings of HIV and AIDS through Treatment Interactions’ – an anthropological study of people living with HIV, and their understandings of and experiences with HIV treatments in the Gambia.

I am currently working on the KeMiST project which aims to reduce the chance of recurrent strokes or cardiovascular events, and develop a long term support service for patients beyond stroke rehabilitation. Little is known about how stroke/TIA survivors’ perceive the burden of using long-term medicines, their needs and preferences for medicines support, or how these change over time.  This project aims to understand the experiences of stroke and mini stroke (TIA) survivors with their medicines as well as their likes and needs for support with their medicines.  Based on the information given by stroke & TIA survivors, we aim to design a medicine support service to meet the needs of Stroke / TIA survivors.


Last updated 26 October 2023