Research and Training Fellowships

In the First Round of Fellowships, we funded two individuals working within social care to undertake research training and carry out pilot projects on adult social care priority areas, as identified by the members of our Communities of Practice.

Meet our Fellows:

Hannah Kingsford is a social worker with the Kent County Council, who has now joined the Kent Research Partnership and will be based in CHSS till Feb 2025.

Hannah’s research explores burnout in the social work workforce, specifically around formation and maintenance of professional identity, motivations for joining the profession, and professional values and morals.

Sophie Fournel has joined the partnership part-time and is also continuing in her role as a CEO of Disability Assist.

Sophie’s project will be investigating barriers to employment experienced by working-age individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS) and will particularly focus on involving people with lived experience.

Lisa Richey has been working at Kent County Council since November 2021 first as a Case Officer and then as a Registered Social Worker.

Her research explores neurodiversity within social workers and their wellbeing, resources and creating awareness of neurodiversity within the workplace.