Quantum Theory and Simulation

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Research Awards

Research on Quantum Theory and Simulation at Kent is supported by a variety of sponsors.

Research grants currently held by academics within this activity:

Dr Jorge Quintanilla

  • EPSRC responsive mode grant no. EP/P00749X/1 for the study of unconventional superconductors, in which Dr Quintanilla is the project lead for a team spanning hubs at Kent (JQ, Dr S Ghosh), Bristol (Prof. J. Annett, Dr G. Csire) and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (Dr A. D. Hillier). Full details can be found on the project webpage at https://unconventionalsuperconductors.wordpress.com/.

Dr Gunnar Möller

  • Royal Society University Research Fellowship UF120157 on numerical simulations of strong correlations in unconventionally ordered systems.
  • EPSRC First Grant no. EP/P022995/1 on Entanglement and topology of time-reversal symmetric fractional topological insulators, with additional funding from the School of Physical Sciences supporting the PDRA post of Dr Y.-C. Tzeng. The project is run in collaboration with Prof. F. Pollmann at Technische Universität Munich.
  • Royal Society Research Fellows Enhancement Award on Fluctuation driven orders near quantum critical points.