Quantum Theory and Simulation

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For a list of current openings, please see Open Positions.

In addition, you may wish to explore and talk to us about the funding opportunities listed, below.

PhD Positions

Both current and generic funding opportunities for PhD positions are advertised via the departmental website of the School of Physical Sciences at https://www.kent.ac.uk/physical-sciences/prospective/pg-research/available-research-projects.html. The university maintains a list of potential scholarship opportunities at https://www.kent.ac.uk/scholarships/search/.

Note we can also host self-funded students, so please feel to contact us if this applies to you.

Postdoctoral Positions

Funded postdoctoral positions in our department will be advertised via http://jobs.ac.uk and our University recruitment portal at http://jobs.kent.ac.uk.

Strong candidates are also invited to approach researchers in our team in order to discuss options for possible areas of collaboration. We may help you to develop as a postdoctoral researcher, and assist you with applications for a personal fellowship in collaboration with one of us.

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Available fellowships are listed, below:

For more advanced researchers, there are further opportunities to build their own groups with the following fellowships:

All of these fellowships are competitive and often require the explicit support of the host institution. If you feel qualified to apply and would like to discuss your ideas, please contact researcher(s) whose interests you share.