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Current projects

PhD student, Katie Bickerton. Thesis: Evidence based decision making for reintroduction success: translocating threatened prey reptiles into an endemic predator-packed system in Mauritius. Joint with Institute of Zoology.

PhD student, James Clarke. Thesis: Modelling butterfly abundance at varying spatial scales to inform conservation delivery. CASE project with Butterfly Conservation.

PDRA, Dr Alex Diana. Project: Integrating new statistical frameworks into eDNA survey and analysis at the landscape scale. Funder: NERC.

MRes student, Chloe Francis. Thesis: Statistical modelling of human-elephant conflict dynamics. In collaboration with Chester Zoo. 

PhD Student, Danielle Hendricksen. Thesis: New statistical models for smartphone app data on recreational fishing. In collaboration with Cefas.

PhD Student, Fabian Ketwaroo. Thesis: Network models for capture-recapture data. In collaboration with Dr Matt Silk, University of Exeter, and DICE.

PhD Student, Ulrike Naumann. Thesis: Modelling changes in abundance of species over space and time in island ecosystems. In collaboration with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

PDRA, Dr Oscar Rodriguez de Rivera Ortega. Project: Modelling removal and re-introduction data for improved conservation. Funder: EPSRC.

Recent theses

Bayesian non-parametric methods for modelling ecological data and stochastic processes for modelling species interactions, 2020 – Alex Diana

Statistical Methods for the Joint Analysis of Spatial, Sparse or Missing Ecological Data, 2020 – Marina Jiménez Muñoz

Statistical Development of Ecological Removal Models, 2018 – Ming Zhou

 Characterising the extent and nature of  wildlife crime by novel application of mark-recapture techniques and network techniques,2018 – Lydia Yeo (DICE student – Rachel McCrea was an advisor)

New Diagnostic Tools for Capture-Recapture Models, 2017 – Anita Jeyam

New Analytical Methods for Camera Trap Data, 2017 – Natoya Jourdain

Statistical methods for biodiversity assessment, 2016 – Ratchaneewan Kumphakarm

Development of statistical methods for monitoring insect abundance, 2015 – Emily Dennis

Parameter redundancy with applications in statistical ecology, 2015 – Ben Hubbard

The use of mixture models in capture-recapture, 2015 – Chen Yu

Bayesian analysis of multi-species demo synchrony and integrated population models for a breeding community of seabirds, 2013 – José J. Lahoz-Monfort

Modelling individual heterogeneity in mark-recapture studies, 2013 – Lauren Oliver

Species richness estimation for benthic data, 2012 – Beth J. Norris