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Strategy and International Business

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Kent Business School Strategy and International Business Group

Director of Group | Professor George Saridakis

The Strategy and International Business Group at Kent Business School conducts world class research in the areas of performance management, business in emerging economies, strategic alliances, non-market strategies, international strategy, management of Multinational Enterprises and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Research of the Strategy & International Business Group focusses on business development strategies, SME creation and growth, sustainable business practices, tourism management, innovation, entrepreneurship and econometric analysis. Our researchers borrow from current theories and practices in economics, organisational psychology, sociology, environmental sustainability and technology development, and adoption to develop innovative research which pushes the boundaries of current business practices.

The group’s research aligns with Kent Business School’s goals of promoting sustainable innovation. Its main focus is on developing research projects that can help organisations, from small businesses to big public bodies or multinational companies, grow sustainably. Examples of these include:

  • Professor Howells’ research into best practice for supporting entrepreneurship in higher education through carrying out cross-sectional analysis of differences across the sector, enabled by his long-running collaboration with a wide range of Turkish and UK institutions.
  • Dr Hampton’s work into building resilience to unforeseen catastrophes (ranging from terrorist attacks to tsunamis) for the tourism sector in SE Asia.

World-Leading Experts

Researchers from the Strategy & International Business Group at Kent Business School are consistently looking into ways to make innovative business practices more sustainable.

Research conducted by the Strategy and International Business Group falls broadly into the following categories:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Market Disruption
  3. SME Growth
  4. Sustainable business practices
  5. Charity and NGO Management
  6. Technology adoption and innovation

Specific world-class expertise of the group members includes: co-creation and other user-led product development practices, business development in emerging markets, global production networks and multinational company management.

Our researchers are highly regarded in their respective fields, regularly act as peer-reviewers for top journals in their respective fields, and have been the recipients of prestigious awards, for instance the Best Paper Award in the International Entrepreneurship track organised by ISBE.

The group has published its work in some of the top journals in their respective fields, including the British Journal of Management, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of World Business, and Research Policy.

The group hosts the School’s Productivity Hub and contributes to the research of the Africa-Asia Sustainable Development Centre.