Skeletal Biology Research Centre

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The SBRC is served by three research labs:

  1. The Human Osteology lab, including Royal Society funded equipment for histological sectioning of dental and bone tissues, dental casting, high-resolution microscopy, collagen isolation for isotopic analysis
  2. The APE lab, including a freezer for storage of biological remains, fume hood for dissection, high-powered computer workstations and associated 3D software
  3. The Virtual Paleoanthropology lab, including five high-powered workstations and associated 3D software packages necessary for analysis of high-resolution microtomographic data or 3D digital surface models.
  4. The Imaging Centre for Life Sciences, including a Diondo D1 microtomographic scanner. Opening in October 2021.

A microscopic view of a primary osteon in bone from a human infant.
Photo: Rosie Pitfield.