Risk Assessments START ARMIDILO

Risk assessment training: START & ARMIDILO

The Short Term Assessment of Risk and Treatability (START) was developed by Chris Webster, Mary-Lou Martin, Johann Brink, Tonia Nicholls and Sarah Desmarais, and published in 2009. It provides a Structured Professional Judgement tool for the assessment of strength and vulnerability across twenty dynamic risk factors, in addition to a carefully developed summary sheet which includes a number of other features and risk estimates to facilitate professional discussion and decision making in risk decisions. The START is designed to be used in conjunction with the ten historical items from the HCR-20 (Webster et al, 1997) and while it can be used by a single assessor it is most appropriate for multi-disciplinary teams. The format allows for consistency and structure in assessment and facilitates communication about risks and risk factors.

The ARMIDILO-S is a dynamic assessment of risk and manageability in individuals with borderline or mild intellectual disabilities who have displayed sexually offensive behaviours. It was developed by Boer, Haaven, Lambrick, Lindsay, McVilley, Sakhalin & Frize in 2013.The instrument considers both client factors, such as coping skills, impulsivity and substance abuse, as well as environmental factors, in the assessment.
It can be used in a variety of ways such as:

  • A regular risk alert tool
  • The measurement of ongoing progress
  • Identifying staff supervision levels
  • The development of treatment and support strategies
  • Staff training