Psychology and Public Policy Research Unit (PSYPOL)

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Psychology and Public Policy Research Unit


PSYPOL is an interdisciplinary research unit, studying how public opinion on social policy develops and changes over time, and how it shapes society.

PSYPOL tracks a wide range of social indicators annually across the UK population, to help inform the design of social policy that is responsive to citizens’ needs. This involves surveying people’s attitudes, policy preferences, personal circumstances, social relationships and wellbeing, as well as tracking objective socioeconomic indicators over time.

Two largescale data initiatives help achieve these objectives:

  • Voter Opinion and Insight on Current Events (VOICE): A representative panel of UK voters who volunteer to complete an annual survey either using the dedicated VOICE App, the VOICE website, or by post. VOICE App participants are also periodically invited to participate in smaller research projects (experiments or experience sampling).
  • Social Networks and Adolescent Political Development (SNAP): A longitudinal survey conducted in selected secondary schools across England that examines how adolescents first develop their social attitudes.

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