Far-from-equilibrium dynamics of systems with conservation laws

Frank Pollmann

Technical University, Munich



Recent years have seen a great deal of effort to understand quantum thermalization: the question of whether closed quantum systems, evolving under unitary dynamics, reach a state of thermal equilibrium. In my talk, I will discuss how the presence of conservation laws affects the dynamics of thermalization. First, we investigate the dynamics of quantum entanglement after a global quench and uncover a qualitative difference between the behavior of the von Neumann entropy and higher Renyi entropies. We argue that the latter generically grow sub-ballistically in systems with diffusive trans- port.  We provide strong evidence for this in both a U(1) symmetric random circuit model and in a paradigmatic non-integrable spin chain, where energy is the sole conserved quantity. Second, I will introduce the dissipation-assisted operator evolution (DAOE) method for calculating transport properties of strongly interacting lattice systems in the high temperature regime. DAOE is based on evolving observables in the Heisenberg picture, and applying an artificial dissipation that reduces the weight on non-local operators.

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