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Condensed Matter Physics in the City 2022: Registration


The official registration period for CMPC-2022 is now closed.

The registration form will not be frequently monitored. If you would like to attend, please also email us after you have filled in the late registration form.

—> Late Registration Form <—

Note that registration is free – we do not charge any registration fees. Note that we are at capacity for our room booking, so we do not take any further registrations for in-person attendance.

Additionally, students and attendees from ICAM nodes may continue to request financial support – if you would like to do so, please also fill in this additional form:

—> Request financial support <—

Please use your institutional email addresses to help us identify legitimate registrations. Where this is not possible, do help us by providing a reference and research interests.

All participants will be subscribed to our conference email list prior to the meeting. Please accept this subscription, as we will circulate login information and daily announcements via this list.

Notices regarding the meeting will be sent after the closure of registrations.

Last year, we received a small number of applications with invalid emails. If you have previously registered, but have not been contacted by the end of Friday 3 June, please get in touch with us at (yes, it has a previous year’s date).

Contributed Talks:

We will endeavour to include some contributed submissions for live talks in the main conference programme.

If you are interested to be considered for a talk, please prepare an abstract and a one-page presentation to be submitted with the registration form by 20 May at the latest. Please include a summary / viewgraph of the main results of the research that you would like to present.

We will evaluate submissions on 23 May 2022, so later submissions will not be considered.

To facilitate our access to the presentation, please upload your file in PDF format to a website or file-sharing service of your choice, and share the link with us in the registration form.