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Kent Business School People, Management and Organisation Group

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Kent Business School People, Management and Organisation Group

Director of Group | Professor Patricia Lewis

The People Management and Organisation Group at Kent Business School conducts innovative research in the areas of employment relations, human resource management, organisational behaviour and leadership. The group draws from a variety of different disciplines ranging from psychology and sociology to gender studies and political theory.

Research of the People Management and Organisation Group at Kent Business School focusses on critical leadership, employer-worker relations, decision making processes, change management and the ways in which cultural norms in the workplace contribute to maintaining inequality. Group members work on a variety of applied projects, ranging from looking into ways to bring flexible approaches to management practices for city bus franchises, to helping future BAME leaders acquire the relevant political skills needed to succeed in the workplace. The group is formed of 15 academics including practitioners, and academics who challenge standard assumptions on best management practice to help generate better methods for the utilisation of a company’s most important assets: its people.

The group’s research aligns with Kent Business School’s goal of promoting sustainable innovation. Its main focus is on developing research projects that can help organisations, from small businesses to big public bodies or multinational companies, improve their people management practices. Examples of these include:

  • Professor Yannis Georgellis’ work into the relationship between regional unemployment and work mobility.
  • Professor Patricia Lewis’ research into the relationship between gender, merit and pay divergence in her work regarding ‘deservingness’.
  • Dr Madeleine Wyatt’s work into the relationship between political skills, leadership and unconscious bias.

World-leading experts

Researchers from the People Management and Organisation Group at Kent Business School are researching the role of unconscious biases in maintaining inequality in the workplace.

Research conducted by the People, Management and Organisation Group falls broadly into the following categories:

  1. Leadership
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Organisation Psychology
  4. Worker-Employer relations
  5. Worker well-being
  6. Change management

Our researchers are highly regarded in their respective fields, serve on editorial boards of leading international journals (e.g. International Journal of Information Management, Gender, Work & Organization and International Journal of Human Resource Management), have chaired various international conferences (e.g. the Smart TV Global Summit, the Gender, Work & Organisation Interdisciplinary Conference, and the Occupational Psychology Conference), and regularly act as reviewers of prestigious journals such as the Journal of Economic Behaviour & Organisation, Human Relations and Culture and Economy.

The group has published its work in top journals, including The Leadership Quarterly, Gender, Work & Organisation, and the Journal of Business Research.