Nuaulu ethnobotanical cognition and knowledge

A Leverhulme Trust funded project

This project, supported by the Leverhulme Trust, will allow completion of work that has preoccupied Roy Ellen for almost 50 years of anthropological fieldwork among the Nuaulu of Seram, eastern Indonesia.

The project will finalise this work through publication of a 300 page monograph (plus data appendices) entitled ‘The Nuaulu world of plants: ethnobotanical cognition, knowledge and practice among a people of Seram, eastern Indonesia’, focusing on vascular species.

The book will provide an opportunity to review the current consensus, particularly the relationship between so-called ‘natural’ (general-purpose) classifications and use-based (special-purpose) schemes, and the social distribution of knowledge in relation to sharing and specialisation, placing emphasis on issues relating to knowledge erosion and the incorporation of new knowledge, that have particularly concerned Ellen in recent years.