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Kent Business School Marketing Group

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Kent Business School Marketing Group

Director of Group | Professor Marian Garcia

The Marketing Group at Kent Business School conducts research in four main domains. These include marketing strategy and performance, product development and innovation, consumer behaviour as well as the management of supply value chains and its associated market delivery systems.

Research at the Marketing Group focusses on investigating the factors that help organisations improve the value of their products, by better understanding how marketing influences organisations and their performance. This is pursued through research into our main two sub-strands: marketing value and marketing innovation. Marketing value research focusses on determining the influence of an organisation’s marketing department in its performance, measuring the effectiveness of pricing, advertising and distribution strategies, and carrying out consumer evaluations. Marketing innovation looks at developing new strategies to aid brand and product development success, developing new marketing decision-support systems and developing new marketing tools to help better understand consumer-product interactions.

Our research aligns with Kent Business School’s goals of promoting Sustainable Innovation. KBS’s Marketing Group focusses on developing research which promotes innovative business and marketing practices through analytical insights.

Our research projects include:

  • Dr Lyngdoh’s is looking at potential ways to apply value-based care approaches to health-care provision in emerging markets. This is achieved through the consideration of potential ways in which health care provisions can benefit from insights arising from customer success strategies.
  • Professor Ben Lowe looks at how innovations are adopted and accepted in the marketplace. His work covers adoption and acceptance of water saving initiatives, food related technologies to assist consumer decision making, autonomous vehicles, pro-poor innovations, mobile health apps and others.

World-Leading Experts

Researchers from the Marketing Group at Kent Business School are actively involved with the study of consumer behaviour in a wide range of industries.

Research conducted by the Marketing Group falls broadly into the following categories:

  1. Innovation
  2. Consumer behaviour
  3. Digital marketing
  4. Consumer-led innovation
  5. Omni-channel banking
  6. Value chain supply

The group’s researchers are highly regarded in their respective fields. They sit on journal editorial boards and regularly act as peer-reviewers for highly respected journals such as Psychology & Marketing, European Journal of Marketing, or the Journal of Product and Brand Management. Our researchers also collaborate with the national governments of Romania (Petrovici), Greece (Chrissochoidis), or the European Commission (Garcia, Chrissochoidis) and have been awarded prizes such as the Best Paper at the International Conference on Electronic Business (Krasonikolakis).