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London partners worked closely with the Tower Hamlets Council Regeneration Team and followed the re-development of the Whitechapel Market. The area which has a dominant history of migration and catering for local ethnic communities has undergone major spatial and social transformations, including a new Crossrail station in 2022.

The London team in collaboration with the Stockholm team undertook advanced spatial analysis and mapping that focused on socio-economic inequalities by measuring spatial accessibility and potential for urban mobility. This included mapping the spatial and social catchment area of local centres and/or public transportation nodes. 

Conferences and Seminars

MAPURBAN London Colloquium, The Place, 20th June 2022.

Policy Report Draft Launch, IDEA Store Whitechapel Road, The London Borough of Tower Hamlets, 21st June 2022.

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MAPURBAN London Research Team

Dr. Jonathan Rock Rokem, University of Kent

Prof. Laura Vaughan, University College London

Dr. Kimon Krenz, University College London

Prof. Susanne Wessendorf, Coventry University

Featured story

Whitechapel Market