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MAPURBAN Berlin pursues two objectives: on the one hand, we aim to capture an institutional policy perspective by conducting expert interviews with governmental and non-governmental actors. On the other hand, the focus is on the inclusion of subaltern perspectives. For this purpose, we plan to conduct a series of participatory mapping workshops with people in and around refugee shelters. These will take place in three BENN neighbourhoods. The preparation and implementation of the participatory mapping workshops will be realised together with the collective Orangotango the NotAnAtlas project and Dr. Ingeborg Beer as well as the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing.

The workshops aim to achieve the following goals:

  • Identify relevant and missing infrastructures in the neighbourhood and beyond from an individual perspective.
  • Map subjective perceptions of public space in intersectional perspective in order to reveal similarities and diverging views.
  • Address structural and individual difficulties of orientation and access to important urban resources.
  • Publish the workshop results in order to give participants as well as the wider public and policy makers the opportunity to understand the limits of access to resources and to initiate appropriation processes.

MAPURBAN Berlin Research Team

Head of subproject FU Berlin: Prof. Dr Antonie Schmiz

Berlin Research Coordinator: Sylvana Jahre