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Conferences and events

The Late Antique Archaeology conference series started in 2001 and events have been organised by Dr Luke Lavan (University of Kent) with the assistance of various colleagues and post-graduate students. The primary aim of the conference series has been to provide an international focus for late antique archaeology, where established academics and graduate students can meet to present new work on broad themes relating to late antique society. Details of previous events and conferences that have taken place in the Centre for Late Antique Archaeology are also available.

The secondary aim of the series is to provide cheap access for graduate students to high-quality international speakers. For this reason, admission charges are kept as low as possible. Papers presented at the conferences form the core of our double peer-refereed international annual Late Antique Archaeology, published by Brill. The title does not seek to exclude contributions by historians but only to identify with scholars interested in broad characterisations of society, more common in archaeology than history.