Centre for Language and Linguistics

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Centre for Language and Linguistics

Interdisciplinary approaches to language

Founded in 2008, the Centre for Language and Linguistics (CLL) aims to promote interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together researchers from across the University of Kent and fostering cross-institutional and international research networks.

The Centre welcomes members with an interest in the study of language from a range of perspectives including philosophy, computing, psychology and anthropology. The Centre’s activities include:

Guest lectures

The Centre’s guest lecture series forms part of its events programme and runs throughout the academic year and is open to all members of the University as well as the general public. Contributions from researchers in all areas of linguistic enquiry are welcome. The Director of the Centre welcomes enquiries from those interested in presenting their work.

Reading groups

Four readings groups convene throughout the academic year: Syntax, Stylistics, Language & Cognition, and Discourse, Power, and Society. Guests are welcome to join regular discussions of thought-provoking papers and to suggest readings. Please contact the relevant group convenor if you would like to join:

Training workshops

The Centre organises a range of workshops that aim to support the acquisition of new research skills at different levels of specialisation. These can be aimed at our postgraduate student community or can be open and useful to all members of the Centre. Please contact the Director, Dr Eleni Kapogianni, if you would like to suggest a training workshop.

Research internships

During the Summer Term, the Centre offers a number of research internships which are registered with the Employability Points scheme at the University. The internships provide an opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate students to take part in current research projects in English Language and Linguistics and are voluntary. Please contact the Centre director for information on how to apply.